Introduction to Adwords

Learning Objectives

  • Measurement and Tracking Conversions – What key metrics should you look to track before you develop your strategy.
  • Key Considerations When Building Your Adwords Campaigns.
  • Finding the correct Account Structure for your ecommerce store.
  • Finding the right balance when investing budgets and setting realistic expectations.
  • An introduction to Cost Per Click’s (CPC’S) and Quality Score. Why both of these really matter and the relationship between both.
  • Learn the importance of Ad Extensions and how to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • How to improve your Ad Position and reap the benefits of being in the sacred positions of 1 to 3.


Your understanding of pay per click and continuous improvement of your campaigns is fundamental to achieving your paid media goals. We have focused upon Organic Search & Content Marketing up until now and developing your PPC strategy can supplement other marketing efforts to the maximum.

Adwords Overview
In this first section we are going to focus on Search Ads. Search Ads, within the Search Network, is the text ads that appear at the top of the search results page. This works with a live auction format with users bidding on specific keywords. Advertisers weigh up the cost of advertising in the prominent positions versus the impressions, clicks and conversions of being in such positions. 

Measurement & Tracking Conversions – Calls and Contact Forms
Measurement and tracking of your Adwords campaigns is the heartbeat of your pay per click strategy. You cannot make solid business decisions unless you are tracking your conversions. If you are an ecommerce business then conversions will be direct sales. B2B or service based business may track enquiries via calls or emails. Whatever your KPI’s – it needs to be measured. Watch the video so we can show you how.

Lesson Resources