Website Content

Learning Objectives

  • Find your writing style and company voice/story
  • Know and build out the big five ecommerce website pages
  • Take your on-page SEO to the next level with product descriptions


The PDF included in this module talks in length about finding your story and refining your voice. This will reflect your company ethos and ultimately portray a particular version of who you are and what you stand for to your customer base. This will reinforce what you need to write on the big five ecommerce website pages, and also how you will write blogs, social media posts, emails, and PDFs.

This module will give you a solid grounding in your writing style so that as you go through the other content modules you will have a good understanding of how you intend to stand out. The second PDF looks at your website content from a very SEO point of view so that you have all you need to marry up these approaches.

The one thing each of these areas will always agree on is: content has to be written for a human audience. That means that keyword stuffing and over optimisation to attract the attention of search bots will actually lead you towards penalties and a deindexed site rather than any positive search traffic gains. Work through the PDFs so you do the utmost to optimise your website with content and discover the voice of your company to give it a personalised and unique flavour.

Lesson Resources