Google Penalties

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what types of Google penalties exist and why
  • Have a better understanding of why Google regulate SEO so tightly
  • Understand the important of copy and your on-page and off-page content
  • What you do to avoid Google Penalties and recover from them



This module will look at a big pain point for many companies. The arena of Google Penalties, what they are, how you can avoid them, and how you can recover from them. It can sometimes be deemed an area of mystery and something of a minefield for eCommerce site owners who are simply trying to promote their website better than their competitors can.

It is important to note that most people do not attract the unwanted attention of Google and as a corporation they do not sit scrutinising your site. However, they have produced guidelines and if you expect your site to appear well in searches made through their search engine then you will have to adhere to those guidelines. We can boil your strategy down in this area to two threads which this module will address in depth.

1) Write content for users and not robots - the overuse of keywords and a search engine orientated site will not do you any favours and in some cases lead you towards a penalty.

2) Do not purchase links or look to increasing links to your site quickly and in quantity. Quality in terms of content and the links you acquire is paramount here - there are just no compromises.

If you want to avoid penalties adhere to those two statements and you should not end up on the wrong side of Google - let's explore this subject further.

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