Adwords Toolkit

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to see if your conversion and tracking code is on your site and working correctly.
  • Understand how to make changes to your account with confidence – knowing you can rectify any mistakes you make or knowing what change to attribute the positive results to.
  • How to know where to advertise on the display network and practical tips to select tailored sites and broadcasters to advertise on.
  • Overcome the temptation of searching for your own adverts with a handy tool hidden away in the Adwords interface.
  • Customise the Adwords interface to show the all-important data you want to manage.


Here are 5 tools we talk you through in the above video. If you work in Adwords often you will find these tools improve your day-to-day experience and overall productivity.

  • Tag Manager
  • Change History
  • Display Planner
  • Ad Preview Tools
  • Columns