Webmaster Tools

Learning Objectives

  • Learn ensure that you are running a healthy website with the utmost efficiency
  • Learn to understand the different aspects of this powerful and oft overlooked tool


This module will look at Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)  a free service offered by Google to help you and your webmaster better monitor your website. Inside, you will find a variety of tools which allow you to check many aspects of your site. This is a service we use for all of our sites and our clients’ sites and has been very helpful in tracking the overall performance of the sites. Luckily, it is very easy to register with GWT and you will be happy you did because certain features will prove to be very beneficial for your website as well..

This module will also look at all the different aspects of Webmaster Tools in order to assist with how Google sees your site and what you can do to fix potential issues.

Lesson Resources