Press Releases

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to press releases and their potential
  • How to reach out to the right people
  • Find out what is news worthy subject matter


The press release has been with us since well before the era of digital marketing. It has evolved with the times and is now all done electronically. This makes it a very simple process but one still many get wrong because they simply do not know the correct etiquette for sending a press release to journalists.

There is a specific process to go through each time you send in a press release and once you know that you should find your chances of acceptance far higher. The beauty of press releases is that it is free advertising. They take work, like everything does, but the benefits for brand awareness are significant.

This module will walk you through the mechanics of press releases and module 6 will show you how to write one according to what is expected by press and media organisations.

Lesson Resources