Lesson Objectives

  • How to tweet your way to success
  • How to increase ROI with the time designated to Twitter engagement
  • Getting to grips with Twitter analytics


Twitter is a business orientated platform. It is where people go to keep their finger on the pulse and as such it is a great place to promote your blog and any other industry top tips you can provide people with. As with any social media platform you will also get better ROI is you do Twitter only competitions and reward retweets. Asking for retweets is one of the best ways to achieve them – but very few actually try this technique.

Writing for Twitter is like writing the headline of a press release. You have to say a lot in a short space. Make it punchy, informative, intriguing or entertaining. Avoid run of the mill statements like ‘its cold outside’ and ‘good morning everyone’ because they are bland and people on Twitter are attracted to quality content.

This module will walk you through some of the features of Twitter and look at the platforms analytics. Keep in mind that Twitter posts come and go with the blink of an eye so more is better. You can get away with 5 to 6 quality tweets a day and it is also very popular before and after work times when people are browsing the news and get chance to read some of the better blog posts and articles being retweeted.

Lesson Resources