Learning Objectives

  • Why email is essential to your marketing campaign
  • Learn how to send an email and where to set up an opt-in box
  • Understand the scope of email and the possibilities


The medium of email is a huge deal in marketing these days. It has been abused a lot too! The best email campaign is one that avoids the spam box. In Module 6 we will be talking about how to write the perfect email but for now we are going to talk about the mechanics of sending email. This lesson will look at how you choose the right software for you, when you send your email, what you include in said email, and how many times you reach out to your subscribers through this medium.

Access the pdf for a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your business for email marketing. It covers the basics as well as the legalities involved in sending email and the crucial requirement – testing, testing and testing before sending.

Lesson Resources