Micro Video

Lesson Objectives

  • The new kids on the block – are they worth mastering?
  • How to optimise hashtags and get your products greater reach


The wave of micro video continues into 2015. The rise of Instagram continues to surprise people and Twitter Vine has injected another strand into Twitter that it needed to fend off stiff competition. Wherever you look the new kids on the block are shouting about video and if you look at your Facebook feeds they are quickly featuring a lot more video.

Video is crucial to product pages if you want that extra likelihood of conversion. We discussed in length the importance of embedding them on YouTube for the Google+ connection. Instagram and Twitter Vine lend themselves more to quirky marketing approaches. How can you make your products do amusing things?

There are certain toys that look funny in action. Clothing ranges come to life on a catwalk. Cooking ingredients are given meaning in recipes. Cars are more appealing whilst moving. There are endless angles you can bring to your business with a bit of imagination and an Instagram or Twitter vine account. Find out more in the PDF.

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