Social Media Strategy

Lesson Objectives

  • How to build your killer social strategy
  • A guide on how to monitor and measure your campaign
  • It’s all about KPI and ROI


Throughout Module 7 you will learn how to monitor your conversion rates and keep an eye on key performance indicators across multiple social media platforms. Before we embark on a social media masterclass it is important to have you social media strategy in mind. You do not have to devise it now as you can revisit this module at a later date but this is what we will be working towards.

As you learn more about each social media platform you will need to weigh them up and decide if they could add to your digital marketing strategy. Do not stretch yourself too thin as focusing on two or three platforms and providing quality content is far better than trying to optimise all of them and falling short.

Use the PDFs to get to grips with what social media is all about and how your can organise your time and budget to impact the realm of real-time communication best!

Lesson Resources