Lesson Objectives

  • How to make the giant of social media work for you
  • Advertisements – big business on Facebook or just big business for Facebook?
  • Getting to grips with Facebook analytics


So we are now going to delve deeper into social media and leading the way is the undisputed King – Facebook. The question really that needs addressing before we look at Facebook Insights and whether a friend or group page is best, is advertisements. Facebook make their money solely through business advertisement – it is a huge revenue source for them. You can say the same for Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram of course but Facebook can control how many people see your posts.

Facebook have recently updated their algorithm again so now if you want real traction on Facebook you have two have one of two things:

  1. A very interactive and loyal community of followers who seek out your posts, share them and comment frequently
  2. An advertisement budget that you use to promote posts

Let’s not approach Facebook with any naivety. If you want to make money from conversions you are going to have to invest a little first. Now we have accepted the inevitable let’s look at how we can optimise Facebook to get the most from it.

Lesson Resources