Content Hubs

Lesson Objectives

  • Know exactly what a content hub is
  • Know how to get the most out of your content hub
  • Decide what style of content hub you will develop


As discussed in the video there are two different types of content hub being employed by marketers.

  1. Looks at optimising each webpage and makes your website in effect a giant content hub. That hub contains a blog, 200-300 word product descriptions on each page, product orientated PDFs and infographics to draw your target audience direct to your merchandise.
  2. The traditional hub which stands on your website or away from it and could be a blog, a forum, a Question and Answer page, a News page or some other built resource. These cater for your audiences needs and offer something valuable, educational, and influential to build brand awareness and enhance their lives without an immediate sale.

Either hub remains the centre of your marketing strategy because the hub is the most optimised space of all. Why is that?

  • It receives direct traffic from social media/ email/ external sites
  • Every blog/article/product description written is built on strong keyword research
  • Viral/trending content is analysed and informs the titles and pieces written
  • Focused outreach means that this content is promoted to key influencers in your industry and is placed on external high domain authority sites where possible
  • Social sharing promotes this content far and wide via a targeted social media strategy

So how do you go about building your content hub and getting the most out of it?

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