Keyword Research

Lesson Objectives

  • Define a clear keyword research strategy that will be fundamental to your SEO strategy
  • How to carry out relevant keyword research on your site and find relevant keyword suggestions
  • Why you should focus on buckets of long tail keywords in order to get the best results


This module will help you identify what keywords are already bringing traffic to your site and what keywords you can target in order to further strengthen your search engine presence. It takes a look at building a keyword research document that contains buckets of keywords in order to help cast your net wider whilst keeping your traffic relevant. This involves focusing on some longer tail keyword terms as they are easier to rank for, more qualified and convert better.

The methodology behind this keyword strategy is to use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and your site in order to identify what terms you already rank for and bring you traffic.  With the use of the Adwords Keyword Planner the data extracted from the aforementioned sources will be used to gain relevant keyword suggestions. Once these suggestions have been obtained the next step is to filter them in order to create a final keyword research document that will provide the foundation for your SEO strategy, knowing what to highlight in order to increase your organic traffic and revenue.

Lesson Resources