eCommerce Site Auditing

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn which tools to use to benchmark your site.
  • Know your way around each of these different tools
  • Learn what you need to be looking for in order to improve your sites key on-page elements
  • Learn how to find out what your sites link profile is really like – what sites link to you?


This module will give you an insight of how to carry out an off-page and on-page audit of your website using a set of free tools, which we have provided links to in our resource section. These tools will cover every aspect you should be looking at when formulating your SEO strategy. Ultimately this module is the starting point to Etoomi and will teach you the areas you should be concentrating on when making changes to your site in order to improve your rankings and ultimately the revenue generated by your online presence. The three tools that are covered are Woorank, Screaming Frog and Open Site Explorer.

Woorank is a great tool that will give you an overall view, breaking down the different aspects of your site in order to see where you can improve. This ranges from looking at what you can do to improve on-page elements, such as your meta, whilst also benchmarking other important factors such as your local and social media presence. It also gives you information on how user-friendly your site is in terms of site speed and whether your site is optimised for mobile devices. Usability is more important than ever and often overlooked when people are looking to improve their organic rankings and traffic.

Screaming Frog is probably one of the most widely used site crawl tools by professional SEOs. It is an efficient way of looking at the important on-page factors, such as page title, Meta description and H1 header. The crawl produces an easy to digest list that will enable you to see where you can improve your on-page SEO.

Open Site Explorer is a tool by the well-respected provider Moz. It looks at the most important off-page ranking factor that Google and other search engines take into account when deciding where to rank a site in their index - your link profile! You can quickly see where your sites links are coming from and how strong your sites authority is based around the sites that link to it. You will be able to see whether you have a strong or weak link profile and take action to make improvements.

Lesson Resources