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Learning Objectives

  • Learn why it is so important to give visitors to your site a great experience
  • Learn why site speed is so important
  • Learn how to speed up your site
  • Learn why mobile friendly sites are a must and how to check whether yours is mobile compatible


This module will show you how to make your site more user-friendly by making sure that it loads as quickly as possible and is easy to use on any device. Site speed is now confirmed to be a ranking factor in Google and a major influencer on conversions. As internet connections get quicker peoples patience is less. Studies have shown that for every second delay in page load your conversion rate drops by 7%. You will be shown what tools and techniques are used to benchmark your site in terms of how well it is optimised for speed. You will learn some simple improvements that will potentially have a positive impact straight away.

This module will also look at the importance of making your website mobile friendly and show you how you can test whether Google sees your site as optimised for mobile visitors. This is using Googles own mobile friendly test tool that they recently launched.

Lesson Resources