Lesson Objectives

  • Making the most out of this professional business to business platform
  • How to utilise groups and increase followers
  • Getting to grips with LinkedIn analytics


The trick with LinkedIn is to get involved with the groups and contribute to debates. This will raise your profile and ultimately that of your business. It is all about engagement…isn’t it always! There are some very powerful analytics behind LinkedIn that make it a very measurable platform so you can quickly count it in or out of your social media strategy.

There is little point being shy with which platforms are right for you. You have a business to run so your time is limited and in terms of what is going to work best LinkedIn may not cut it. It is ideal for business to business connections, seeking entrepreneurial assistance, and recruitment purposes but in terms of return on investment not so much.

It has potential because the majority of its users will also be online shoppers but the question remains whether this is the platform to reach them on. I would always create a LinkedIn profile and keep it ticking over simply so that people can search for you directly there if they want to. Have a read of the PDF and decide whether you can make more out of LinkedIn than most ecommerce store owners achieve.

Lesson Resources