You Tube

Lesson Objectives

  • Utilising the video master and adding a powerful medium to your marketing strategy
  • How to optimise YouTube for the most benefit
  • What analytics can be accessed on YouTube to track your success?


The main message I need to get across in this lesson is that you absolutely have to be producing video to increase your conversion rate. This should be uploaded to YouTube and embedded on the product pages directly. Why? The stats tells us that video helps convince people to purchase a product. The short, succinct demo videos give people a glimpse of the quality and functionality of the product and influence their likelihood to click the ‘buy now’ button.

In terms of analytics YouTube has very little on-site stats to view. You can certainly see how many views each video received but for true analytics you need to be looking in your Google Analytics. Video on YouTube can be optimised to an extent that isn’t possible on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter vine. The way it links with your Google place page and utilises Geo tagging should also positively influence your search. Check out the PDF to learn how to make the most of the videos you place on YouTube.

Lesson Resources